The central space


Central to our Bed & Breakfast is the shared space. Both rooms come out and here guests and we can meet each other. Breakfast is served daily in the central area, but of course you can also indicate that you wish to have breakfast in the room.


The room has a coffee machine that you can freely use. This makes it possible to prepare various coffees, from espresso to cappuccino. With the kettle you can make tea or a cup of soup. In addition, the refrigerator offers all kinds of delicacies that you can use.



In the central area you will also find information about nearby attractions and maps of the area. If you want to know something specific about a destination, let us know, maybe we can help you on your way. We are host of the National Parc Drentsche Aa and would like to inform you about the sights in the vicinity. Did you know that you can find a dolmen at no more than one and a half kilometers? And 10 minutes by bike you will find yourself in the Kniphorsterbos, one of the most important archaeological areas in the Netherlands. Smell the history, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, it is all within easy reach from your room!